Cash for Junk Cars in Nashville, TN

Do you have a junk car in Nashville, TN that you are looking to scrap for cash? Recycling Partners is a local, trusted Nashville recycling center that takes late model cars, smashed beyond recognition, burned cars, rusted cars, etc – if it was a car we will buy it. Plus, we’ll even come and pick it up for you.

Junk Your Car for Cash and Save Space

Need more space? Get rid of the junk the pull-a-parts don’t want. We also have containers to pick-up all the parts and misc. junk you might have.

For more information and updated pricing call us at (615) 793-4300 or email us at

*Car must be complete including wheels, battery and catalytic converter. Owner must have title to vehicle at pickup. Vehicle must be located within 20 miles of our Lavergne location.