Why Do Scrap Metal Prices in Nashville Fluctuate?

If you keep an eye on scrap metal prices Nashville recyclers pay, you will see that the prices go up and down. This is caused by a number of factors. At the foundation of the price fluctuations is the fact that the price of any scrap metal is tied to the price of the “virgin” metal. So, for example, if the price of copper goes up, for whatever reason, the price of scrapped copper also goes up.

Industry Factors That Influence Scrap Metal Prices in Nashville


Factors that can influence the metal prices Nashville scrap metal customers might expect to receive include: the amount of industry and construction in the area, the time of year, the weather, holidays, and even global demands from countries like China and India that drive the commodities price up or down.

Recycling Partners would love to pay our scrap customers 5 or 6 cents a pound your scrap steel as we did when the market was high in 2014. However, downturns in the commodities market and a flood of cheap steel from China continue to depress scrap metal prices here at home.

The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metal

That being said it is still important for both individuals and businesses to hold fast to their commitment to keeping materials out of Tennessee’s landfills. Even when the payment for your junk is small, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your old water heater or washing machine will be turned into some other useful material and will not wind up in a hole in the ground somewhere.

Looking for a Safe, Fast and Easy Outlet for Metal Recycling?

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At Recycling Partners, our goal is to provide the best experience in scrap metal recycling Nashville has to offer. You will find that recycling with us is simple and painless. Most of our customers spend less than 10 minutes on our yard. Our yard is clean, our employees are friendly and we have a convenient drive through (as soon in the photo).

Give Recycling Partners a call at (615) 793-4300 to get scrap metal prices in Nashville.  And remember, at Recycling Partners, we are your partners in a greener world.