Not All Nashville Scrap Metal Recycling Centers are the Same

scrap metal recycling centers nashvilleThe scrap metal industry in general and recycling centers in particular can be pretty messy! After all, we are talking about “scrap.” Scrap metal can be rusty, dirty, broken, corroded, twisted, crushed. . . you get the picture – and it’s not a pretty one. So when it is your business to collect a lot of scrap metal, your place of business could end up looking like a glorified landfill. But not at Recycling Partners! Recycling Partners is one of the scrap metal recycling centers Nashville can be proud of. At Recycling Partners, we work hard every day to maintain a very clean and efficient scrap yard.

Finding the Right Scrap Metal Recycling Centers in Nashville

If you have copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cans, wire, metal pipe, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, junk cars, lawn mowers, grills and anything made of metal, Recycling Partners is the right place for you. We will purchase your metal at a fair and competitive price. And you can always find the most current prices on our web site. View Scrap Prices Here

We Make It Easy for You

Recycling Partners offers the area’s only drive-thru non-ferrous bay. For our residential customers or customers with smaller recycling needs, our drive-thru bay is quick and easy. We also will help you unload your scrap and sort it by commodity to get you the highest price. Our friendly staff does everything possible to make the recycling process easy for you.

Call Us with Your Scrap Metal Recycling Questions

Remember if its metal, you can probably recycle it. We accept things that you might not even think about, such as Christmas lights, so before you “trash it,” give us a call. By recycling, you can make a little money and feel good about helping to save the planet. To request information on scrap metal recycling, call us at 615-793-4300.