A Greener Planet through Recycling

Recycling Partners is proud to be one of the top Nashville scrap metal recycling companies. We also want to be your partner in a greener world. It’s obvious, from the name of our company, that we want to help the planet by actively encouraging people to recycle.

Recycling takes many forms, but we specialize in recycling almost all forms of metal. To encourage you to recycle, we don’t just accept metal for recycling, we will actually pay you for it! We buy everything, from aluminum cans to vehicles, from farm equipment to industrial machinery, from washers and dryers to stainless steel restaurant equipment.

You Can Come to Us or We Can Bring a Dumpster to You

dumpsterrentalIf you just have a small amount of metal, you can drop it off at our convenient drive-through. If you have a large amount of metal, you can drop it off too. But if you regularly discard large amounts, we can deliver a dumpster to you to use at your location. There is no charge for the dumpster or for our pick-up or delivery of the dumpster. When you fill the dumpster with metal, we will pick it up and get a check back to you within the week for the value of the metal.

We offer dumpster rentals in Nashville and surrounding cities. So, if you need a dumpster in Franklin or Brentwood, give us a call. If you need a dumpster in Smyrna or Mt Juliet, we’ve got you covered. Need a dumpster in Lebanon? We can deliver right away.

Our Motto Is “Fast, Friendly and Fair”

We call this the “three F’s.” It is our goal to:

  • deliver dumpsters to our customers quickly
  • pay our customers within the same week
  • treat our customers as our valued friends
  • treat large volume and small volume customers with the same care and attention

By the Way, We Rent Dumpsters Too

If you need a dumpster for clean-up, construction, demolition, etc., we offer fast service and competitive prices. With flexible terms and no hidden fees, Recycling Partners is your best choice for dumpster rentals. Give us a call today. 615-793-4300.