Recycle C&D Materials at Recycling Partners in Lavergne TN

C&D (construction and demolition) materials are generated from the building of new structures and from renovation, demolition, or deconstruction of existing structures. The largest building sector that generates C&D materials is nonresidential demolition (approximately 90%) followed by residential renovation (less than 10%). When you recycle C&D materials you help create a greener world.

What Are Construction and Demolition Waste Materials?

 C&D materials often contain bulky, heavy materials such as:

Recycle C&D Materials

  • Concrete
  • Wood (from buildings)
  • Asphalt (from roads and roofing shingles)
  • Gypsum (the main component of drywall)
  • Metals
  • Bricks
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Salvaged building components (doors, windows, and plumbing fixtures)
  • Trees, stumps, earth, and rock from clearing sites

C&D Materials Constitute a Significant Amount of Waste in the United States

Because of the significant amount of these materials that could end up in landfills, it is important to recycle and repurpose as much of the materials as possible. About 75% of these materials can be diverted from landfills by recycling and repurposing. So instead of taking C&D materials to a landfill, take them to Recycling Partners, where we can recycle them. To use our dumping service you must have clean fill, organic waste, wood or mixed construction waste only – no household trash, food or hazardous waste.

  • The tip fee is $90 per ton for mixed Construction waste and $40 for Clean Wood/Fill
  • Scale hours Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • Scale hours Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm
  • Call 615-793-4300 for additional information or to set up an account.

What Are Some Ways To Reuse C&D Materials?

The major benefit of reusing and recycling materials is the savings in resources and energy spent in the production of new materials. Consider the following ways to reuse:

  • Salvage easy-to-remove items like doors, hardware, appliances, and fixtures. You can use these items in remodeling or even new construction.
  • Use wood cutoffs (scrap pieces cut off of full length 2×4’s, 2×6’s etc) as cripples, lintels, and blocking. Chip scrap wood that is too short to use for anything on site and use as mulch or groundcover.
  • Use brick, concrete, and masonry waste on site as fill, subbase material, or driveway bedding.
  • Use excess insulation from exterior walls in interior walls as noise deadening material.
  • Mix leftover paint together and use in a garage or storage area or use as a primer coat if the color is not pleasing after mixing.